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This is the website redesign I created after being asked to contribute to .Net magazine’s website makeover feature.

The logo

The logo has been redesigned as well as reduced considerably in size with the effort to convey a more established, professional brand with the juxtaposition of a bold, black sans-serif against the negative-space cut through an audio-speaker to create the ‘D’ of D-Fault. The overall shape of the logo has remained the same as to not stray too far from the established brand.

The navigation

The header of the website is to sit fixed to the top of the web-page while the viewer scrolls to allow for easier access to different sections of the website. This section includes the logo, the navigation, the navigational breadcrums and the search box. The white of the header will have an RGBa (transparency) value which will allow the scrolled content to appear subtlety behind the header. This is a feature of progressive enhancement which is not vital to the functionality of the website, but rather a nice touch for owners of more advanced browsers.

The intro

The introduction to the website has gone from ‘Hey everybody!’ to ‘We are D-Fault Records. We bring you new electronic music.’ in large League Gothic @font-face to succinctly and confidently establish brand identify as well as project the intentions of the website. There is also an arrow button to the right of the text which, when clicked will animate open using jQuery to give more information about D-Fault to anyone who requires it.

The banner

The main banner of the website features a large close up of a fictional DJ who has been awarded ‘Record of the Week’, which would be a new feature of the website, allowing visitors to listen to the new releases and vote (using the new Vote page) for the record they liked the most. This is just one frame of the banner, which could also be used to promote the latest releases, their iPhone app, or anything D-Fault required. The banner navigation is controlled by the split speaker symbol in the bottom right.

Latest Updates

The Latest Releases section and the Latest News section now have an automated system which will crop thumbnails of album artwork, retrieve only a limited number of words from the news update and apply icons for feedback and interaction such as a link to the Store page for purchase, a playback icon to listen to a snippet of the music, a ‘tweet-this’ icon, and a ‘love this’ icon which will automate the ‘Record of the Week’ feature. There are also scroll buttons to allow lots of updates to be presented without too much screen real-estate being used.

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