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Nonbeliever II – Live

‘Nonbeliever’ is the name I gave to the music stuffs I create in my spare time. I recently decided to give the original site an overhaul to keep it fresh and interesting. It also tries out a few things I haven’t used before in my...

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Your Web Film – Live

Your Web Film were looking for a fresh, modern website to best show-off their services. The company consists of an experienced team of creative agency Account Managers, Videographers and Technicians with a distinctive mission: to make fresh, affordable, broadcast-quality promotional films for small business. With...

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Nonbeliever – Live

Imagine the greatest music you’ve ever heard, Nonbeliever is not that. Nonbeliever is a Manchester based musician and producer who bares a striking resemblance to myself. This page is a simple promotional tool to allow users to listen to the latest songs on his Soundcloud...

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Super Simple Responsive Progress Bar

Recently for a project I threw together a quick animated and responsive Progress Bar making use of the HTML5 data-attribute. It’s a nice and simple snippet which is easy to implement, though you’ll need jQuery. Example: HTML: <div class="progress-wrap progress" data-progress-percent="25"> <div class="progress-bar progress"></div> </div>...

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Happy 2013!

Today you may have dragged yourself back to your day job after living it up over Xmas and New Year (I hope you had a good’n). As many people do, I’ve set myself some goals to achieve in 2013 both in work-time and spare-time. Outside...

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Rose Does Art – Live

Rose Does Art is a small, simple and responsive website I designed and built for Illustrator Rose Greenfield in between other recent projects. The main goal of the website is to allow the work of the illustrator to shine through as clearly as possible, allowing...

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WeConvene Holding Page – Live

Today the responsive holding page for the WeConvene project that I’m currently working is up and live to the world. It’s reasonably hush-hush at the moment, so I won’t go into much detail about the project itself (information can be found on the holding page),...

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Qwota 2.0 – Live

Recently I’ve spent some time redesigning and rebuilding my experimental Qwota website to allow for improved UI/UX and to allow the site to become fully responsive. Qwota itself is a simple ‘application-style’ website that allows people to add their favourite or most inspiring quotes from...

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